Environmental Consultants/Property Condition Assessments
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 Phase I ESA:

 Transaction Screen ESA:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments - the first step in performing environmental due diligence on a commercial property. A Phase I ESA is a general study of the historical usage, regulatory status, occupant's current business practices and the business practices on properties adjacent to a commercial property to determine if any Recognized Environmental Conditions exist.

The goal in having an AAI level Phase I ESA performed is to provide for an innocent landowner defense.

Our Phase I follows ASTM Standard E1527-13, All Appropriate Investigation (AAI), complies with 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 312, and is performed by Environmental Professionals as dictated by the standard. Our standard turn around is only 10-business days..

A Transaction Screen ESA is  reduced scope assessment that follows the ASTM guideline E 1528 - 14. This assessment includes a site reconnaissance, review of current governmental 
databases, a limited historical document review, and a full written report.

This level of assessment is typically performed on non-industrial properties and is done in lieu of doing no investigation at all.

While many use this type of assessment regularly and it is informative, it is highly unlikely that a Transaction Sscreen ESA would provide for an innocent landowner defense.