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Phase II Investigations:

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 IEPA Site Remediation Program:

Phase II Investigation is an appropriate name because it is conducted most of the time to investigate the recognized environmental conditions identified in a Phase I assessment. 

Phase II investigations can be sampling of materials, air or vapor, but they are mostly soil and groundwater. This sampling is used to determine if a concern exists or not and, if yes, determine the extent of impact.

​This sampling and laboratory analysis can be used to estimate the cost of the cleanup so that the liability is quantified and a business decision can be made such as buy--don't buy, sell-don't sell or lend-don't lend.
Most contaminated properties do not fit into established programs, but the Site Remediation Program (SRP) was created so that sites that don't fit in a s pecific program can still get agency approval or "No Further Investigation" letters can be achieved. Many times contaminated soil and groundwater can be manged in place bringing bankable value to land that had lost it due to contamination.

Now, preparing a succesful submitall thru the SRP has become more of an art than a science, but our substantial experience with the has given us (and in turn, you) a leg up on most consultants working there way through the program.