Here at The English Company, we offer top-notch environmental consulting services at very competitive prices.

Our services include:

We provide Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, Underground Storage Tank Removal, Site Remediation Program (SRP)

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments - the first step in performing environmental due diligence on a commercial property, a Phase I ESA is a general study of the historical usage, regulatory status, occupant's current business practices and the business practices on properties adjacent to a commercial property to determine if any Recognized Environmental Conditions exist.

Phase II Investigations: This type of assessment is more targeted than a Phase I Investigation and involves the sampling and analysis of soil, groundwater, soil vapor, building materials, etc. to further determine if an environmental concern is present.

Property Condition Assessments: An investigation of the historical usage and current condition of all the systems in a property (building envelope, roof, interior finishes, appliances and machinery, 
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Environmental Consultants/Property Condition Assessments
Our Services
HVAC, plumbing, electrical, life safety, code and ADA requirement, etc.) to estimate what equipment or facility repairs or replacements are required immediately or will be necessary in the next five years.

Underground Storage Tank Removals/Consulting: TEC provides services to create bid documents, collect bids, coordinate regulatory paperwork, oversee the UST removal process, collect confirmation soil samples, submitting necessary IEPA reports.

Site Remediation Program (SRP) and Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) services: TEC provides services to investigate known environmental concerns, provide cleanup strategy options, prepare necessary reports and coordinate with the state agency to assist property owners in obtaining a letter of No Further Remediation.